Built on the whisper quiet and pulsation-free Aqua Jet series Water Pressure Systems. The WPS unit combine all the elements needed

for ease of installation as well as built in pre-pressurised 2 litres accumulator tank and inline strainer. The new base design allows for

installation in both vertical and horizontal position making the pump a true saving unit especially suited for today's modern marine needs.


Medium demand unit with a single Aqua Jet WPS capacity 13Lpm or 20 Lpm fixed on a base with PUMProtector inlet strainer and pre-pressured 2 litres accumulator tank.

Item # Desc. RRP ex VAT
10-13408-01 AQUA JET UNO WPS 3.5 GPM 12V 2.8B 3/4" £404.72
10-13408-02 AQUA JET UNO WPS 3.5 GPM 24V 2.8B 3/4" £404.72
10-13408-03 AQUA JET UNO WPS 5.2 GPM 12V 2.8B 3/4" £513.62
10-13408-04 AQUA JET UNO WPS 5.2 GPM 24V 2.8B 3/4" £513.62