These cockpit cushions are made with the same level of quality as the Comfort Seat Classic range but without the internal frame and hinge system. The cover is made of Sunbrella acrylic material which is both water repellent and UV-stabilized.

The cushion features a Calipure open cell structure moisture resistant foam filling. Fitted zips allow the foam to be removed to dry in the event of it getting wet. These cockpit cushions also have a handle for easy carrying and only weigh 90 grams.

  • Sunbrella acrylic upholstery is tough and long lasting but offers comfort to the skin. It is also water repellent and has a high level of UV stabilisation.
  • Zippers allow the internal foam to be removed to allow it to be dried if it gets wet.
  • Easy carry handle, these Cockpit Cushions only way 90 grams.

  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 90 x 46 x 4cm

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