Supplied in pairs as a kit with 2x arms and 4x 'L' shaped brackets for mounting. Fixed onto the tender with one arm secured with an 'L' shaped bracket to the edge of the transom at its highest point when the tender is raised to 90º on its davits, and the second arm to a special moulded pad which is adhered to the upper part of the tender when raised, (order pads separately). For a rigid tender two 'L' shape bracket fixings can be used.

Part noSize
6-3616112" Pair
6-3616218" Pair
6-3616324" Pair
6-3616430" Pair
6-3616536" Pair
Item # Desc. RRP ex VAT
6-38161 WEAVER STAND-OFF ARMS 12" x PAIR £97.12
6-38162 WEAVER STAND-OFF ARMS 18" x PAIR £105.67
6-38163 WEAVER STAND-OFF ARMS 24" x PAIR £115.62
6-38164 WEAVER STAND-OFF ARMS 30" x PAIR £124.13
6-38165 WEAVER STAND-OFF ARMS 36" x PAIR £145.38